Casual Friday—Penny

So, the second comic introduces Penny with a joke(?) I’d been telling for years.  I often (still) respond to people asking me about my relationship with or belief in God by asking which one.  I am a polytheist and feel no particular need to hide it.  So, since I was introducing Penny, a 500-ish-year-old fairy, I figured I’d go ahead and expand on my snarky response with a personal connection.

The two evangelists are Sara Feela and a blonde guy who’s name escapes me (if he ever had one).  Sara was going to be a recurring character and we were going to eventually find that she was once Scot’s girlfriend (or thought she was).  She was only ever featured once again, as a substitute when Scot went out of town with the History Club.

The artwork is terrible, and I apologize.  Believe me when I say there are worse abominations to come (some will be fixed, I promise…my wife assures me I have a soul, and no one would inflict some of the things I drew on the public twice).  Actually the only really BAD panel here is that fourth panel where Sara and whatsisface look like cardboard cutouts.