Casual Remarks

Who the hell are you?  Brett Hainley is a freelance writer who has been featured in various print media including the now-defunct OTCNN website and two produced plays.  He has also appeared in or directed a number of community theatre plays in the Houston area.  This is to say that he’s a nobody, but he’s okay with that.  For a brief period, he was enough of a somebody, that, on an internet forum, he was once told there was no way he was that Brett Hainley, which was one of the most surreal moments in his life.


Okay, then what is Casual Notice?  Casual Notice began as a drop-style humor comic that began in 2004 and ended in 2009.  Originally the site held only the comic and the ragged remnants of Hainley’s old “Havoc’s Completely Unecessary Website”, which was a repository of short works and poems.  Shortly after launch, however, Hainley started adding his personal musings in an inconsistently-updated weblog (or Blog).  Coded entirely by hand in html, the original site was unwieldy, and, after the comic ended, Hainley moved most of his blogging to LiveJournal.

With the acquisition of a new server in 2012, Hainley began executing plans to (1) make the Blog the central feature of the site, (2) make the whole thing easier to manage through WordPress or other php software, and (3) start a new comic using most of the supporting cast from the old Casual Notice.  Nebraska City, which never actually happened.


What gives you the right to make political and social pronouncements?  The right?  That’s afforded to me by the First Amendment guarantees of Freedom of Speech and of the Press.  I think you mean what gives me the temerity, or possibly, the balls.  Nothing.  I have no legs to stand on except a life of watching people and the world.


Are you my dad?  Maybe.  I did a lot of stupid things when i was young, and sticking it in the crazy was on of my faves.  Send me a pic of your mom and I can tell you for sure if it’s a real possibility.

What’s up with the Captcha and my comments not being immediately posted? Spam is a problem in small site comments sections. To combat this, I use a Captcha to eliminate machine spammers, and I use a pre-approval system to deal with human spammers. The pre-approval system only holds your comments until your first comment is approved, then your comments are automatically posted. If this gets abused, it will change.

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