Monthly Archives: August 2014

Casual Friday—What If..?

This is a thing I wish everyone would do. If someone accuses us of something—even something ridiculous—wouldn’t we all be better served if, instead of just getting mad at the person, we took a moment to question our own motives and actions? I don’t mean we should drive ourselves down a guilt spiral, but maybe just a second or two to think, “Is that what I did? It’s not what I mean to do, was it?”

Maybe, if we’re lucky, that will lead to more of us thinking things through, beforehand.

Casual Monday—Think About It

No means, “no.” You know what also means, “no”?  “I’m so drunk.” “Hey, what’s in this drink?” “ZZZzzzzzzz” Any sexual situation where one of the participants is denied the choice of participating is rape.  Period.

If a girl says, “No,” but you think she meant, “Yes,” you go ahead and stop, anyway. Believe me, if she really meant, “yes,” she’ll tell you.