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Reducto ad Absurdum

Just for grins, I’ve decided to reduce my thought on the Gun Control argument to a conversation between cavemen.

Boz: Grok! You must give up bow. It dangerous. Crazy-eyes kill all of Bag-of-Cats Clan!

Grok: What that got to do with Grok? Grok not kill no one.

Boz: Grok not need bow. Bow dangerous. Grok give up bow.

Grok: Grok need bow.

Boz: What for Grok need bow?

Grok: For hunt.

Boz: Grok not hunter. Grok till fields. Hard Rock Clan do hunting for tribe.

Grok: Bunnies eat crops in field. Grok kill bunnies. Plus Bunnies are delicious.

Boz: Grok not need hunt. Hard Rock Clan hunt.

Grok: Grok need bow for protection.

Boz: Hard Rock Clan protect.

Grok: Hard Rock Clan not in field when Boz till. Big cat come to field to eat bunnies. Him not mind Grok salad for side dish.

Boz: Grok ever see big cat in fields?

Grok: Once. Not in fields. Far away. But seen tracks and big cat poop in field.

Boz: Hard Rock Clan protect field.

Grok: If Hard Rock Clan got all bows, what happen if Hard Rock Clan think Grok Cave nice or Grok Woman? What Grok do then?

Boz: Hard Rock Clan not do that.

Grok: Pointed-Stick Clan of Far-river tribe do exactly that.

Boz: Not the same. Anyway, what you do against whole Hard Rock Clan? You only one.

Grok: You take bows from others?

Boz: Me start with You.

Grok: Then me not only one.