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Shut Up!

I should mention that I truly believe everything Scot says, here. I also know that most people see a jury summons as a bigger inconvenience than an ingrown toenail.

Information Services

Reg has a degree in civil engineering, and he has been the Chief Administrator of Maintenance Services in the district through seven superintendents and three rotations of the Board of Trustees. Reg has the kind of job security you get if you not only know where all the bodies are buried, but where to get a shovel, and who’s been asking.

Yay! A Job!

Dougie is the least-liked character of the entire cast. So, of course, I devoted an entire arc to him.

We will meet Reg’s sister-in-law later in the comic.

Happy Dia de los Muertos (or solemn and dignified All Saint’s Day, I don’t judge).


Another one that may be hard to suss out. Schmookie’s pulling on the sock and her neck is stretching down the hall. Meanwhile, Scot’s on the phone with Steve about things that got lost when Steve’s brother left the door to his apartment open. Steve and Scot used to be roommates. Did I mention that? That seems like something I would have mentioned…

Also, Happy Halloween, everyone.

I Like the Breeze


If, like my wife, you’re confused about what’s going on, Diana and Penny are carrying Phil out to Diana’s car. Phil is really drunk and seeing Penny’s breasts pushed up against his cage, he believes he’s died and gone to heaven. I’ve always believed that if you have to explain it, it doesn’t belong on the page.

Clearly, believing and doing are two completely different things.