Casual Friday–The Horror

This is just awful.  I can safely say that this is among my worst comics—possibly the worst, in terms of the artwork.  The hell of it is that panels 1 and 2 would be okay if I hadn’t done such a horrible job drawing Penny’s face.  And man, did I do a bad job.  She looks like she’s wearing some sort of horrifying spirit mask.

So, yeah, I said I was going to fix the really bad ones, but it turns out that those two panels are so integrated that the only way to fix them is to completely redraw them from scratch.  I’m working on it, but I wanted to keep to my every-Friday-update schedule, and I ran out of time.  I will eventually replace that one with the update, but not right now.  Right now, all I can say is that women, children and those with weak hearts (or stomachs) should feel free to scroll down without looking.