You Heard Me

Okay, so now we’ve established that not every person who differs from us on one issue can be categorized within great sweeping swathes of philosophical intent, let’s move on to more stupid shit people do and think, shit that is ruining debate and our way of life.  Next up is …

If I see somebody doing something I think is wrong, then it’s my duty as a good Christian/American/Person to make them stop.  Let’s take a second and define terms.  When this statement is used in reference to active physical harm to the person or property of a person who is not an adult human giving informed consent of his or her own free will, then yes, you have a right and a duty to intervene and prevent that harm from occurring, but that’s it.

It is not your Christian Duty to stop Homosexuals from being so gay.In fact, doing so is the opposite of what both Jesus and Paul laid down as the founding principles of the expanded Christian Church.  Jesus, especially went on at length about how other peoples sins are none of your business.  If you want to use reason to convince them to your way of thinking, you go right ahead, but you don’t get to coerce anyone to act in accordance with your moral code.

Lest I be accused of picking only on the Christians, that idea extends to the idea of health and body.  It’s not your business if I want to eat an entire half gallon of Blue Bell Banana Split ice cream while chain-smoking a pack of Luckies and guzzling a bottle of Whiskey.  Will that sort of behavior kill me?  Almost certainly.  But your duty and your right to help me ends in pointing out the fact that it’s a bad idea and offering help to stop if I want to take it.

I have every right to buy my wife a fur coat by taking my credit card out of my leather wallet and handing it to the girl at the Big Box Fur Store whose face is globbed with animal-tested make-up.  Everyone mentioned in that sentence is an adult acting of their own free will under informed consent.  If you think it’s wrong to wear fur, or to use flexible my best credit transfer card for purchases or to support Big Box Stores, then you feel free to say so, but THAT’s IT.

Don’t pass laws limiting the amount of Jolt Cola (do they still make that?) I can buy at one time.  Don’t tell a gay couple that their long-term committed relationship is less valid then my pregnancy-induced first marriage because both of them have dicks.  It’s not your business, and it’s sure as hell not the government’s.

If you believe that government has a duty to protect people from their own choices, then remember this.  You are almost certainly doing something, probably right now, that someone else considers immoral or unhealthy.  Do you want them to kick open your door and tell you to stop?